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  • Spatial Representation of Coastal Risk: A Fuzzy Approach to Deal with Uncertainty

    “This paper proposes a conceptual framework, based on fuzzy set theory, to deal with the problems of ill-defined risk zone boundaries and the inherent uncertainty issues. To do so, the nature and level of uncertainty, as well as the way to model it are characterized. Then, a fuzzy representation method is developed where the membership functions are derived based on expert-knowledge. The proposed approach is then applied in the Perce region (Eastern Quebec, Canada) and results are presented and discussed.”

  • Towards 3D Metadata for Discovering 3D Geospatial Models

    “This research project questions the shortcomings of the current metadata. Correspondingly, it offers to improve the integrity of explicit 3D information in a proposed 3D metadata. The main structure of the proposal comprises 21 genuine metadata classes categorized with regard to the accessibility (contextual and structural) and availability aspects of 3D geospatial data…”