CRG is born in 1989 by merging six complementary laboratories (geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, land law, remote sensing and spatial reference information systems). It has been recognized by Laval University in 1992 and has received FCAR financial support from 1995 to 2005. This financial support was highly beneficial allowing the centre to increase its performance, to go beyond traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries, to enrich industrial and governmental collaborations, to establish the GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence and to play a key role in Quebec first, then in the Francophonie to finally reach international recognition.

In 2005 and following the changes in funding programs for research centres by financial institutions, CRG extends to the provincial level and includes researchers from three geographic poles and 4 universities including Laval, Sherbrooke, UQAM and McGill promoting close collaboration between faculties and multidisciplinarity all devoting a significant portion of their energy to perform innovative research in geomatics.

In 2010, the centre went back to a university research centre status maintaining close collaboration with researchers at the provincial, national and international level. CRG includes several laboratories (REGARD and Ge@design, both funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation) and the Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Geomatics.