Garneau, Tony

Cycle : 3e
Directeur : Bernard Moulin

Sujet : Programming Language for Agent Based Geo-Simulation

Résumé :
Publications :
  • T. Garneau, B. Moulin, S. Delisle, 2009, Effective agent-based geosimulation development using PLAMAGS, Dans: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization, Chap. 30
  • T. Garneau, B. Moulin, 2008, PLAMAGS: A language and environment to specify intelligent agents in virtual geo-referenced worlds, proceedings of the 19th IASTED International Conference on Modeling and Simulation, May 2008, Quebec city, Canada
  • J. Levesque, J. Perron, J. Hogan, T. Garneau, B. Moulin, 2008, CAMiCS : Civilian activity modelling in military constructive simulation, proceedings of the SCS Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, April 2008, Ottawa, Canada