Xing, Xufeng

Cycle : 3e
Directeur : Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi
Codirecteur : Geoffrey Edwards

Sujet : 3D automatic topological City Modeling based on Lidar point clouds

Résumé :
Publications :
  • Xing, X., M.A. Mostafavi, S.H. Chavoshi, 2018, A Knowledge Base for Automatic Feature Recognition from Point Clouds in an Urban Scene, ISPRS Int. J. of Geo-Information, Vol. 7, No. 1
  • Xing, X. and M.A. Mostafavi, 2017, Knowledge-based Automatic Feature Recognition from Point Clouds in Urban Areas, Pre-conference Workshop on Briging space, time and semantics in GIScience, AGILE 2017, Mai, Wageningen, Pays-Bas ()
  • Xing, X., M. A. Mostafavi, G. Edwards, N. Sabo, 2017, Towards Knowledge-based Automatic Segmentation of Large Terrestrial LiDAR Point Clouds in Urban Area, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ()
  • Mostafavi, M.A., S. Rivest, P.W. Morales Coayla, H. Lamarfa, X. Xing, A. Gharebaghi, A. Afghantoloee, 2016, Extraction d’objets spatiaux par traitement automatique de nuages de points LiDAR 3D, rapport de recherche, Géo-Plus, pp. 54
  • Xing, X., M.A. Mostafavi, 2016, Extension of RCC topological relations for 3D complex objects components extracted from 3D LiDAR point clouds, ISPRS Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLI-B3, pp. 425-432