Tabarro, Paulo

Cycle : 2e
Directeur : Jacynthe Pouliot

Sujet : Detection and location of buried infrastructures using ground penetrating radar: A WebGIS-based approach

Résumé :

For the planning and sustainable development of cities, it is critical to accurately locate existing underground utility networks (UUN) such as pipelines, cables, ducts, and channels. The ground penetrating radar is an emerging technology used for that purpose, however, handling and extracting relevant information from its data are not trivial tasks. A new GVX module was developed to provide users with four features (1) map integration, (2) geo-annotations and points of interest, (3) radargram georeferencing, and (4) georeferenced slice visualization. Experiments with two categories of users, expert and non-expert GPR practitioners, were performed. Based on the users’ evaluation, the approach is valuable and can significantly improve GPR deployment. Overall, the approach optimizes survey time and facilitates the interaction between GPR profiles and 3D meshes with map resources, allowing users to produce reliable maps, conforming to geospatial standards (CityGML).

Publications :
  • Tabarro, P.G., J. Pouliot, R. Fortier, L.-M. Losier, 2017, A WebGIS to Support GPR 3D Data Acquisition: A First Step for the Integration of Underground Utility Networks in 3D City Models, 12th international 3D Geoinformation Conference, October 26-27, Melbourne, Australia