Open PhD position

Posting date: April 2017

New Data Mining Methods for Geospatial Big Data


A PhD position is available at the Department of Geomatics Sciences of Laval University. During his project, the student will design and develop new software solutions to process and analyse big geospatial data. These solutions will be based on the most recent innovations in big data, artificial intelligence (i.e. machine learning) and data mining techniques.

This PhD project is part of a larger research project funded by the Sentinel North Strategy, itself supported by the federal government’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund. The main objective of this research project is to understand how the disruption of ecosystems affects microorganisms in Arctic soils. The project will use a microbial in situ culture system, called Ecochip, for measuring the growth of microorganisms in their natural environment that also enables acquiring and transmitting real-time environmental metadata. The PhD candidate will join the research team responsible for the development of innovative approaches to analyse the huge amount of data stemming from EcoChips, but also from other data sources (winds, temperatures, pollutions, humidity, imagery, etc.). These tools will enable the research team to evaluate the impact of environmental changes in the North and effectively add value to the microorganisms found in these environments, which will greatly improve our understanding of the changes occurring in the Northern environments and their impact on human health.


We are looking for a candidate with a background in computer science or in geomatics, with skills in software development. The candidate should also have interest for data analysis and data mining methods, for machine learning and for geospatial applications.

Working Environment

Laval University is the 6th leading research university in Canada. The student will join the CRG and the Big Data Research Centre of Laval University. He will be cosupervised by Thierry Badard and François Laviolette.

Expected Starting Date

The position start date is flexible but is anticipated to be between May 2017 and September 2017.


The PhD position is supported by a scholarship of 18 000$/year, over three years.

How To Apply

Please send the following documents to :
1. CV
2. Most recent transcript
3. A motivation letter explaining your interests in the project, supported by your background and expertise.


For more details about the position, please contact:
Prof. Thierry BADARD, PhD
Geomatics Department, Laval University, Quebec, CANADA
Phone: +1 (418) 656-7116 | Mail: